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Unearth The Truth About Internet Marketing

When you have your own business, either brick and mortar, completely online, or a combination, you should be aware of the truth about internet marketing benefits. In thinking about marketing, most people in today’s society automatically feel that they should market their business on the internet even without knowing all of the benefits that are available to them. Marketing, as a whole, can appear to be a huge task. Adding internet marketing to the mix can make it even more confusing. Effective marketing can take time, energy, work, persistence, and even money. Having the right information as it pertains to how internet marketing works will allow you to use it and increase your business.

In a short number of years, the internet has turned into the public’s most used mode of communication. It is also quickly becoming the place people make their purchases. More and more people would rather shop online for the items they want, find the lowest price, then purchase it. No lines, no shortages, no traffic, etc. Internet marketing affords your business a low-cost tool to use in order to expand your network of product or service distribution.

Marketing on the Internet costs significantly less money than traditional advertising methods because there are no paper brochures or flyers to have printed and distributed. It also used much less storage space. Traditional marketing includes advertising via television, radio, or print, such as newspapers and magazines. These things can be costly and you’re attempting to notify your constituents that you have a product or service available. Internet marketing offers more benefits mainly because it’s much cheaper and you’re advertising for people who are already seeking you. You’re communicating with those who already want to talk to you.

The primary benefit of having an online store is that it’s always open, everyday, all day. Internet marketing opens up the world for you to reach at a much lower cost than traditional marketing. Mainly due to the internet, there has never been a time in history where one could easily (and inexpensively) open their own business and immediately reach millions of customers. When using the internet you also have the ability to use email, which is instant. Many software apps, plugins and widgets have been created to allow you to take orders at any time of day or night from anywhere in the world. Making proper use of the internet could give you an edge over your competitors who are only using offline forms of marketing.

Internet marketing methods include ezines, blogs, forums, pay per click, ads, article marketing, email marketing, and social marketing sites to name only some of them. These methods will increase the public’s awareness of your business and build your relationships with your customers.

The Whole Truth About Internet Marketing

Well, OK, this article may well be too short to include absolutely every detail of the truth about internet marketing but I’ll certainly do my best to cover the things you need to know!

It’s not easy

There. I said it. I took the invisibility cloak off the elephant in the room.

Despite what the sales letters would love you to believe, internet marketing isn’t easy.

Sure, almost anyone can create a blog or even put up a video on YouTube. But that doesn’t mean anything will actually happen. It would be a complete fluke if a single video or blog post made your fortune. A bit like buying one single ticket and winning the jackpot in the lottery – possible but definitely not probable.

Most people who succeed in internet marketing work hard and learn most of what they’ve done the hard way by spending time or cash or both.

There’s work involved

Lots of work.

Writing articles like this one. Or doing the same for posts on your own site and maybe guest posting on other people’s sites.

Creating audios for podcasts and videos for display on YouTube and your own site.

Creating a “funnel” for your autoresponder that gently leads people from being complete strangers who only parted with their email address because of some enticing free gift through to trusting your opinion. And finally trusting your opinion enough to spend money with you – either directly or through an affiliate link.

Then there’s the products you need to create – because you’re unlikely to get rich on the commission that Amazon or even ClickBank pay out. So you discover that you need an army of affiliates supposedly selling products on your behalf so that you can even get a trickle of sales every now and then.

There’s persistence involved

There are days when you wonder whether anything is ever going to happen.

The floods of traffic you were sure were going to beat a path to your website just don’t arrive.

Other people always seem to be able to get instant traffic but try as you might that doesn’t work for you. Truth be told – and I did promise that in the title of the article – those other people don’t get instant traffic for free or cheap either.

They have to pay for it in the form of adverts on Google, retargeting ads (those creepy ones that follow you around), Facebook ads, text ads, solo ads, sponsored Tweets, private blog networks, etc.

And before those methods work there’s a bunch of testing and expenditure to fine tune what is showing promise of probably working.

Patience is most definitely a virtue in the field of internet marketing and I’d be shocked if there’s even one big name that you’ve heard of that hasn’t spent a lot of time getting to the position they’re in.

Magic bullets don’t exist

Magic bullets in the form of one-click solutions or ideas that work every single time anyone carries them out just don’t exist.

If they did, they wouldn’t stay magic for long as either the whole world would be doing the same thing or Google (or whoever) will plug the loophole.

Talking of loopholes, they rarely exist either.

The minds who work at Google are too sharp for that. And there are a lot more of them working on plugging the holes in the sieve than many of us could comprehend.

Unless you’ve got a lot of techies working for you and a lot of computer power, you’re unlikely to find anything that even vaguely resembles a loophole. And it certainly won’t be revealed in a $7 product – probably not even in a $7,000 product even if you had the budget and even if someone was dumb enough to sell you part of their golden goose for that kind of money.

But it is possible!

Persist. Keep at it. Even when everyone around you is mocking you behind your back or even to your face.

Take note of the glimmers – the handful of dollars that make a positive impression in your PayPal account for a change – and do more of them. Implementing the 80/20 rule in your favour for a change.

Ethical help is available

Get help from an internet marketing coach you can trust.

Sure, it will cost. But probably not much different from buying new product after new product and enrolling on course after course.

It could even save more in expenditure you don’t need to make than it “costs” in monthly fees.

The Truth About Internet Marketing

There are many fallacies about internet marketing around and they veer from the sublime to the ridiculous. On the one hand there is the hype that aims to attract anyone that is fairly new online. The get rich quick headlines boom out to all novices in an attempt to get you to buy the product, join the membership…come on roll up, roll up…see the show.

The other extreme is if you actually tell people you have an interest in internet marketing and they automatically assume that you spend your life spamming all the other poor internet users out there. The truth is far from both of these extremes. Internet marketing can be a great way to gain an extra income or even to make your living online. However, no get-rich-quick methods will feature if you actually want to make a success of marketing long-term. Internet marketing, like anything else, does take work, it does take commitment and it does entail a learning curve as you absorb new skills.

The best way to approach internet marketing initially, is as you would a new job. First, look around and view the environment you are working in, i.e. what is working successfully on the internet and what is not? What are people drawn to, what do they enjoy and more importantly where are they willing to part with their hard earned cash? Look at how the internet giants such as Amazon and E-bay do it, and where do they succeed and fail.

Second, have a look at your colleagues. Join forums, network with peers and discuss with people in a similar situation to yours what has helped them in their journey, and what has hindered them. As in any job, have a laugh and socialize, but also remember that at the end of the day you are there to get a job done, and to get it done well. People will value professionalism and an ability to follow through on your promises in any environment, but particularly so when you don’t have the advantage of meeting face to face.

Third, as with any new job you are going to need to increase your level of skill. Now, this does not mean that you are suddenly going to have to become a computer programmer, but you may at the very least have to gain a better understanding of the jargon of the internet. For the more advanced techniques, as you would do in any job, you can delegate to people who have different areas of expertise. As you gain income this may mean outsourcing some areas to others, but even initially when money is tight, it can mean asking for help on sites and forums where people are more proficient than you in particular areas and you can then return the favor with a skill of your own.

Overall, to succeed online you need to formulate a plan, test to see what is successful and then rinse and repeat. You won’t be buying a mansion this time next Tuesday, but what you will be doing is starting to build a residual income that will grow and expand into the future. There are a lot of people around who have made serious amounts of money on the internet. There are millionaires, there are people who are seriously rich and there are people who have paid off all their debts, or who have been able to shake off the shackles of the 9 to 5 and work from home. All of these people are equally happy with what internet marketing has had to offer them. Would you like to be amongst them?